Active Job Search-Where Do I Start?

Great session at the GradIreland Fair today on Active Job search.  Standing room only for this very important topic.  I could talk all day about this but had to limit it to 50 action packed minutes.  For all who came?  Thanks for coming and for those who couldn’t make it, here are the main points I covered at the seminar;

The Stats are against you

Over 70% of jobs don’t get advertised. Employers are increasingly relying on word of mouth, existing contacts and recommendations from trusted colleagues and friends to fill vacancies.  To be in the running you have to be telling people what you can do and what you want to do.  How can anyone help you get where you want to go if you don’t know yourself?!

Don’t ask anyone for a job

Networking is not asking people for a job – networking is telling as many people as you possibly can: Who you are, What you are good at and What you want to do.

Dear Sir/Madams  = binliners

The prospects for sending out stacks of Dear Sir/Madam letters with your lovely CV attached are bleak.   You may think you are being pro-active but in reality the hit rate is extremely low.

I know something you don’t know…

Information is power. The more access you have to what is happening in your industry, the more you will come across potential opportunities and interesting people who can give you helpful advice and direction.  They are not sitting there waiting for you to call.  You need to GO AND FIND THEM.

Get on mailing lists, subscribe to industry newsletters or ezines, get LinkedIn, go to conferences (or at least get the list of who is speaking), check out who Enterprise Ireland is funding, use your Alumni – these are all sources of excellent information and remember the more information you have …the more likely it is you will hear of opportunities.

What’s the worst thing that can happen?

When you shortlist people you want to speak to, they may not want to speak to you – get over it.  That will be a small minority.  Most people will be  DELIGHTED to be asked for their advice and will go out of their way to help a proactive jobseeker who is putting a career action plan together and ISN’T (i) asking them for a job or (ii) moaning about how there are no jobs and life is sooooo  unfair…nobody likes a whiner!

Stay positive – be brave – the rewards are there – you just need to be focused, determined and ask for advice.

Please post a comment if you were at the seminar or if you have networking stories to tell – good or bad!

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