Interviews- they’re not what they used to be

Interviews  – they’re not what they used to be!

The run-of-the-mill interview involves the interviewee being quizzed by one or a panel of interviewers as to why they should get the job.  The questions may be dressed up as “Tell me about yourself” or “Talk me through your CV” but really you should know by now that all of those questions need to be interpreted as “Why should we hire you?”

I have noticed a growing trend for employers to hugely increase the level of effort interview candidates are expected to put in during the course of the selection process. It usually starts after candidates have passed the first interview hurdle.   These are all individual tasks and not part of a group Assessment Centre.

Recently I have heard of a company who asked prospective candidates for a legal assistant role to review a contract, mark up suggested changes and provide comprehensive comments via an emailed proposal.  Then there was another who asked a candidate for a trainer role to write an extremely detailed course outline for a technical training course (multiple pages) and to then deliver a 20 minute presentation on another part of their business offering.

While it’s good to get a view of how the candidate would perform in the job some of these tasks strike me as possibly taking advantage of interview candidates to gain “free” advice and views.  That said it’s definitely a buyers market so all interview candidates need to be ready to step up to the challenge when they are presented with a task outside of the normal interview activities.

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