5 Quick Fixes for your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has launched an  Apply with LinkedIn service which means that more employers will be looking at your profile rather than your CV when assessing if you are suitable for interview. 

Is your LinkedIn profile selling you and doing you justice?

5 easy Actions you can take TODAY to Spring (OK it’s Summer, but I live in Ireland where Summer lasts a few days so it’s all relative!) Clean your LinkedIn profile

1. Make your Professional Headline forward looking. You want to reflect where you want to go.  Maybe you are currently doing a part-time job in an industry you want to get away from as soon as possible.  Don’t even consider making that your headline.  Your headline should tell what you can bring to an organisation – eg – Qualified accountant (Big 4) with experience of corporate insolvency,  Financial products sales manager consistently exceeding targets or Motivated recent graduate (marketing) . Make yourself sound useful and able to add value to an employer’s business.

2. Use the relatively new LinkedIn SKILLS section to add your areas of expertise.  Think about what a recruiter in a company you would love to work for will be looking for in their employees and make sure you are including those skills in your profile – as long as you have them of course!

3. Summarise each  employment with bullet points in terms of what you achievedrather than a laundry list of daily and weekly tasks.   Take a look at some job adverts for jobs you would like  - how do they describe the responsibilities and targets for the role? 

Style your employment summaries along the same lines – now you are thinking and sounding like someone they want to employ.   Remember that potential employers will search the LinkedIn database of members by keywords – what are the keywords for your industry? – make sure they are in your profile or you will not appear in their searches.

4.  Get recommendations from people you have worked with  If you feel embarrassed to ask – well just get over it!  This is a great opportunity to show potential employers what an excellent job you have done in the past. 

And yes – a recommendation from the Managing Director is going to to have more weight than the “I recommend you and you recommend me” carry-on amongst your peers.  Aim to get recommendations at all levels in the organisation- and start at the top.

5. Get a professional photo on there.  The cropped one of you in a suit at your friend’s wedding just isn’t doing you justice.

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  1. Hi Sinead,

    Just a word to say its great to see so many people like yourself willing to help those that are either underemployed or unemployed get a further oppertunity to improve their employment prospects. Also I found your tips for improving my profile very useful.

    Yours sincerely,
    Sean Kelly.

    • Hi Sean – thanks for your comment -glad the tips were useful. I know of lots of employers who will primarily use LinkedIn now to find candidates so it pays to invest some time making yourself look good on it! Best regards, Sinead

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