5 reasons why your CV meets with radio silence from employers.

 1. Because they don’t have to contact you

Let’s start with the obvious.  A widely advertised vacancy can attract up to 1,000 applicants.  It is now becoming common practice for employers not to acknowledge your CV or get back to you to tell you that you were not chosen for interview just because they have too many applicants and too little time. That’s the jobs market today. It’s not right but it’s reality. Always follow up to see if you get any feedback but don’t be surprised if they don’t get back to you.

 2. Because someone else met the criteria better than you did

Maybe you didn’t meet all of the essential and desirable criteria.  In a job market where employers are finding it difficult to hire staff they may be happy to get someone who “just” has all of the essential criteria.  But in this job market there will be plenty of candidates who, on paper at any rate, tick all of the boxes.  Be selective and strategic in what jobs you apply for – running after everything that even vaguely matches your skillset will inevitably lead to frustration and loss of self confidence.

 3. Because you didn’t make it 100% clear you have what it takes

It’s unbelievable.  You meet and exceed every single criteria they want and you  STILL didn’t hear a thing from the company.  Take another look at the CV and Cover Letter you sent. Did you tailor it for the role?  Did you mirror the language they used in the job description to describe your experience?  Did you cross reference each skill and criteria they wanted and make sure you mentioned it?  Did you outline in your cover letter (what cover letter?!) what you could do for them, and not how much you want to work for them?  No to any of these?  Then don’t be surprised if you don’t hear back…because the candidates called for interview have done all of the steps outlined above.

 4. Because you didn’t check your CV and Cover Letter for typos and bad grammar

So you spent two hours doing all outlined in 3 above, but when they read that you have an excellAnt attention to detail and that you were an Assistent Manger in your last job they really don’t care how much you fit the job description – they see you are careless and sloppy and that’s the end of your  CVs journey within the company.

 5. Because the recruitment agency doesn’t work for you

Recruitment agencies get paid by the company looking to hire not by the 100’s of candidates they have on their books. Harsh at it sounds they just want to place the best person for the job in the job and if they don’t think that you have what it takes they may not get back to you – they don’t owe you anything.  It’s also a possibility that the “job” advertised isn’t exactly available at the moment and agencies are doing a CV fishing exercise.

 Don’t take it personally.  Just work harder to get as much information on the company and the position as possible (ask people doing a similar role, see who you know at the company – NETWORK!) and then tailor your CV and Cover Letter to fit.

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