Mind the gap…in your CV. Is it a problem?

Delivering a workshop on CVs and Cover Letters recently I was approached afterwards by one of the (female) attendees who wanted my advice on how to explain on her CV what she termed a “tricky part” of her career to date.  My imagination went into overdrive and I was expecting the worst.  Then she revealed that she had gone on maternity leave from her job of 6 years prior to the birth of her first child and had shock horror…not gone back to work but QUIT to take care of her child.  She was now looking to get back into the workplace after a four year break from it and was agonising about how to explain that to employers on her CV.  Moreover she was convinced that because she had done it it would rule her out of the running from many jobs. 

One line on the CV stating “Career Break to care for family” (or words to that effect) with the relevant  dates beside it will say everything you need to say.  Your career summary at the top of your CV should  be so full of your achievements and key skills and your Cover Letter so focused on what you can do for that employer that they will not care that you have stepped out of the workplace for a period of time to do a job that requires more planning, organising, motivation, energy, ability to work under pressure and communication skills than just about any other workplace job you can think of!  Don’t focus on what you haven’t done in your career to date but rather on what you have.

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