Active Job Search presentation at GradIreland Fair – June 2014

Active Job Search presentation at GradIreland Fair – June 2014

Great to see such an enthusiastic group of graduate jobseekers at the GradIreland Fair last week in the RDS.

Here is my presentation from the day on Active Job Search

Key points from the presentation:

  • 70% of jobs never get advertised
  • Expand the number of ways you look for jobs
  • Success rates from answering adverts and responding to jobs boards ads are VERY low (but you knew that anyway)
  • Active job search takes effort, consistency, determination and imagination – which is why most people give up after one or two attempts
  • Plan your job search as you would plan a college or work project – set goals and deadlines
  • The road to success can be messy and non-linear – expect detours
  • Don’t be afraid to ask someone to help.
  • Be specific re how you need help – ¬†look for ¬†information about what is happening in your area of interest
  • Arrange Informational Interviews and don’t ask your interviewee for a job
  • Social networking is an excellent resource for jobseekers and LinkedIn is a must – but it won’t replace face-to-face networking

Don’t give up!


  1. Anonymous

    I studied Geography and Music for my undergraduate degree at NUI Maynooth, and then switched to a Computer Science conversion masters at UCD. These subjects rarely fit together job wise and I never expected to use my undergraduate degree once I did the conversion course. I have kept my LinkedIn profile up to date for a few years now, not for any particular reason.

    Anyway, I was contacted a month ago by a recruiter through LinkedIn wondering if I would be interested in a Web Developer / GIS Consultant position at ESRI Ireland. I never thought I had a chance as 2/3 years experience was required. She lined up an interview and I had a project to do for it. I did as much of the project as I could and proceeded to do the interview. It went quite well and I was called back for a second interview a few days later. Yesterday I got offered the job (as a Junior GIS Developer).

    I never would have even become aware of this position only for the recruiter contacted me directly by finding me through LinkedIn. It’s about the only job that combines Geography and Computer Science. If I didn’t have my LinkedIn up to date, it would have passed me by. Probably one of the best jobs I could possibly have gotten! It just goes to show you the power of LinkedIn and how important it is to really profile yourself there.

  2. Great result for you. Well done!

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