Your CV – get them interested – fast!

I am constantly asked what section headings should go on a CV and in what order.  Of course there is no straight answer to that question.  You need to lead with your best cards to keep them interested.

Lead with your best cards

Best example of (how NOT to do) this was the person I met recently who was applying for a job as facilities manager.  Following the reverse chronological rule for listing your career experience they started with their most recent job and worked backwards.  Their most recent job was a sales role which they had held for the last two years and this was what they put first in the the WORK EXPERIENCE section.  The problem with that is that a job in sales is not very exciting or relevant if you are a hiring manager looking for a facilities manager.

But wait – languishing on page 2 of the CV was the fact that they had spent FOUR YEARS as a facilities supervisor three years ago.  Problem is that the hiring manager reviewing stacks of CVs may not even get to page 2 as page 1 failed to show how this person was the  right guy for the job.

If your most recent work experience is not relevant to the job you are applying for AND you do have relevant work experience from some time ago then have two WORK EXPERIENCE headings – RELEVANT and OTHER. That way you can push your older but more relevant experience to the front of the CV – and keep them reading.

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