Finals finished and no job yet? Three things to do this week.

Finals finished? No job yet? Don’t panic.  Be constructive.  Three things you can do this week  

1. Get in the information flow. Information is power.  Make sure that you are registered with all of the usual sources of graduate jobs -  your college’s careers service, GradIreland and similar websites in the UK and further afield if you are thinking of looking abroad for work.   Just because term is finished doesn’t mean that employers will stop looking for candidates via the college careers services. Check you emails regularly.

2. Sort out that CV and LinkedIn profile. With all of the free resources out there advising  you how to write an excellent CV and LinkedIn profile there is ZERO excuse for a shabby one.   Writing a good CV and LinkedIn profile should take you at least a full day.   Get on with celebrating the end of exams and then sort this out.  There are a staggering amount of terrible CVs and unfinished unprofessional looking LinkedIn profiles out there and employers are looking at them right now – no prizes for guessing what the employer does next.  How does yours stack up?

3. Get the word out. OK, so you are fabulous and will make a great addition to any company but no-one knows about you.  You can change this.  Up to 75% of jobs never get advertised – it’s all word of mouth.  Identify 3 people working in the area you are interested in and ask to meet them for 30 minutes to pick their brain about the industry and ask for advice.   They can be friends of friends/neighbours / people you know from past jobs/ alumni. What they all have in common is that they will spare 30 minutes to meet you to answer your questions about what’s going on in the industry.  Buy them a coffee.  You will find out more about opportunities from them in 30 minutes than you will from days of trawling jobs websites.   And most importantly – don’t forget to email them afterwards and thank them for their time.  They will admire your proactivity and professionalism.

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