5 things to put in a Cover Letter

I’m often asked by clients for some sample cover letters – I always politely refuse to give any as I believe that there is really no such thing as a GOOD general cover letter.  They have to be completely specific to the role you are applying for.  I’ve often seen the same cover letter provided by two different people for two completely different roles – hmmm – where do you think they end up?  Here’s a hint…

What does your Cover Letter need to look like – five must haves:

1. Reference / name of the job you are applying for. Some companies advertise multiple roles – how are they going to know which one your CV is destined for unless you tell them?

2. The name of the company you are applying to – mention them at least TWICE within the body of the letter…you want to make them feel that you have taken the time to personalise the letter , even just this much.

3. Specific reference to what they said they are looking for in the job spec/advert.  If they have said that they need a “demonstrated knowledge of supply chain management within a large organisation” use their words and tell them that you have what they are looking for – provided you actually DO of course!

4.  Don’t forget the soft skills. They don’t mention that they want excellent team workers and people who can show initiative and work under pressure just to fill up the space on a job advert.  They actually DO want people with those skills so tell them you have them and where you showed them in previous jobs/education.

5.  A positive and upbeat ending which shows them what you can do for them – not what you want for yourself.  “I strongly believe that with my experience to date I can contribute to the growth and continued commercial success of ABC company” … not some apologetic wishy washy “Thank you for considering my application – I look forward to hearing from you”

And finally – this should all fit on ONE page with approx 4-5 paragraphs.

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