Quick fix for the most commonly made Interview Error

Employers tell me that the Number One mistake interview candidates make is that they don’t do enough research about the position or the company.  How can this be when most interview candidates I meet tell me that they spend hours trawling the company website for information.  Where is the disconnect?

What the employer really wants to know is :

Do you know what is involved in doing the job?

Be smart about your research

Have you spoken to anyone who is doing a similar job either at that company or at a similar company and got a first hand account?   If you have, make sure you tell them that.  A 10 minute conversation with someone in the know is worth more than 3 hours attempting to memorise annual turnover and profit figures for the last 5 years.

Do you know what is important to the company RIGHT NOW?

If it is a publicly quoted company chances are the interviewer holds some shares in the company.  How are they performing vs their 52 week high or low?  This will be an issue close to the interviewers heart – showing them that you are aware of that will make you look like you are genuinely interested in how the company is performing.

What's the outlook?

What’s been happening in the news with the company?  Google “News” and see what is being said about them.  Once again showing awareness of what challenges the company is facing or what others are saying about them will mark you out as someone who is aware of the issues and can give an opinion => HIGH VALUE ADDED , rather than someone who has just memorised their website homepage –=> LOW VALUE ADDED.

Where do they make their money?!

Sounds obvious right?  Find out what are their key areas of current and future growth.    Some high profile social media companies actually ask this question directly in interviews  so make sure you know the answer.

Show them you are INTERESTED in them and what they do– they have to get the impression you care about them – otherwise they will keep interviewing until they find someone who does!

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