Job Search Resources – Ireland’s 250 top exporters

The great people at Business and Leadership – excellent news analysis site – have compiled a listing of the Top 250 Exporters in Ireland (in conjunction with the Irish Exporters Association).  It may give you some ideas as to what companies to target when going after the large percentage of job opportunities that never get advertised.

How to use the list

STOP! - Don’t  just mass mail your CV to them – that’s a waste of your time.  Be more strategic – see who you know in the companies on the list you would like to target – you need to find a way in.  LinkedIn is a great resource for this.  Search by company in LinkedIn and they will tell you (i) who in your LinkedIn network works in that company and MUCH more importantly (ii) who in your network KNOWS SOMEONE who works in that company..

Ask your contact if you could be introduced to that person – you are not going to ask them for a job – you just want to get some information as to how the company hires/advice on approaches etc.. It is far more effective to get that information from someone working there than trying to guess it from information you can glean from their website.

It’s a little more work than just sending off a CV to some online CV depository at the company – but the results will be a lot better!

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