Don’t bore them by repeating yourself in your CV

Same job description but several jobs?

Have you had several jobs that all involved doing more or less the same thing? Say admin assistant in a busy company?  Resist the temptation to list the job responsibilities verbatim for each different job.

Take it from me as someone who spends a lot of her day reviewing CVs – there is nothing quite so dull and boring as seeing a CV where the same bullet pointed job description is cut and pasted into 3 or 4 different jobs on the CV.  I see it quite a lot and after the 2nd or 3rd practically identical set of bullet points I have switched off and it’s game over for that particular job seeker.

Don't let your CV end up in the bin

Instead of repeating yourself and boring the reader try one of the following;

(i) List the jobs together - Date, Job Title, Employer for each job and give one (fairly comprehensive) bullet pointed description for all of the jobs, or

(ii) If you want to list them all separately then get creative in how you can describe multiple jobs that involve you doing more or less the same thing- don’t repeat yourself.  You will significantly reduce the chances of your CV ending up in the bin. Check out job adverts from different countries for different ways to describe (more or less) the same job responsibilities – keep it INTERESTING!

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