Speed up your job hunt-step AWAY from the computer.

Social networking, online job websites, emails – all good ways to progress your job search. But what happens when your job search gets STUCK and no amount of LinkedIn, Twitter and attaching your CV to job ads is leading to interviews or job offers?  Sound familiar?  Maybe it’s time to go back to basics and get out and meet some people, talk rather then email, face to face rather than phone and text?

Who can you meet?

Reconnect with old colleagues/classmates/friends.  Suggest you meet for a coffee to catch up. It constantly amazes me how many job seekers admit to me that many of their friends, acquaintances, classmates and old colleagues don’t know what type of job they are looking for – or in some cases that they are even looking for  a job in the first place!

Bear in mind that approximately 70% of jobs do not get advertised but are filled through word of mouth and recommendations - does it not make sense to tell those who know you and (hopefully) think highly of you exactly what you want to do?  If you don’t tell them they cannot help you and you are cutting off your access to a huge source of job leads and news.

Ask for advice

It’s ok not to know everything there is to know about the industry or job you would like to get-no-one does!  However there are lots of people who know more than you do so don’t be afraid to arrange to meet them to ask for their advice – it could be something as simple as asking them what trade publications they read/what conferences they attend/what websites they follow/how they got started in the industry/what tips they would give as someone on the “inside”  to  someone looking to get into the industry.

Ask their advice - over coffee rather than email

Most people would be flattered that you are seeking out their opinion.  At the very least they will remember you and that cup of coffee you bought them the next  time they hear of an opportunity going in your industry-and it is often something as simple as that that leads to you securing your next job.

So turn off the computer every now and then and get out and meet someone!

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