Company announces creation of new jobs – how do you react?

What should you do when you see a jobs announcement in the press.  There have been quite a few announcements over the last week – a total of over 500 new jobs announced by 8 employers You are familiar with the headlines – Company X to hire 50 people over the next year, Company Y announces creation of 40 new roles.  You click onto the company website but there is nothing in the Careers...

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Tell Me About Yourself – how to answer it

Preparing for Interviews?  What is The Worst Interview Question Ever?  Tell Me About Yourself.  Having recently completed three days of back-to-back interviews where this question was asked of all the candidates with wildly varying degrees of answer quality I feel I should share with you the CORRECT way to answer this question. What are they really asking? First off, Tell Me About Yourself is...

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Make your Cover Letter work for you

Trying to write the perfect CV and Cover Letter? This should help.  I got an interesting insight into the workings of an employer’s mind recently.  I was in the office of a large employer in the services sector while she opened an envelope to review a CV.  She spent a MAXIMUM of 20 seconds reading it before she ripped it in two and tossed it in the bin.  Of course I was compelled to ask her...

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